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    Running a new WRF simulation with wrfout

    Hi, I would like to use WRF output as input for a new WRF simulation. As I deleted some variables from the output and my new domain has a resolution with a parent_grid_ratio different than 3 and 5, ndown shouldn't be suited to produce the forcings. So I guess the only solution is to use UPP...
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    UPP FAIL!!!

    hi everyone , after running my wrf i want to use upp and when i run the script for upp i get this error + TOP_DIR=/home/reza/wrf/WRF + export TOP_DIR + DOMAINPATH=/home/reza/wrf/WRF/WRF-4.1.5 + export DOMAINPATH + UNIPOST_HOME=/home/reza/wrf/WRF/UPPV4.1 + export UNIPOST_HOME +...
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    Updraft helicity and SRH in the Southern Hemisphere

    Hello everybody, Is it possible to update the post-processing codes used to calculate the storm relative helicity (SRH) and updraft helicity (UH) for the Southern Hemisphere? /sorc/ncep_post.fd/CALHEL.f /sorc/ncep_post.fd/CALUPDHEL.f From what I saw in the SRH code, the left movement of the...
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    UPP for WRF-NMM

    What do I use to post process the wrf output data from WRF-NMM to GRIB data that can be read by GrADS? I tried UPP, but it gave me error message, complaining about the unknown grid. Please help!
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    Use WRF Output as WRF input using UPP

    I'm trying to use WRF output as WRF input for a higher resolution grid using UPP. The reason for doing this is that it should mean that I don't need to keep the even higher resolution data as well, but just my lowest grid WRF output. I have tried a number of tables for UPP and WRF that are...
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    How does UPP calculate low and high cloud cover?

    Hello wonderful WRF-UPP help team: Recently, I am doing some research about cloud cover, and I noticed that UPP output file contains the calculation of low-level cloud cover and high-level cloud cover, I want to know how low-level cloud cover and high-level cloud cover are defined here, I did...
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    Compiling UPP with intel

    I'm having issues compiling UPP with intel compilers. I have compile NCEPlibs ok using the intel compilers. When I compile UPPV4.1 using the intel dmpar option, it provides lots of error messages saying gfortran error even though I have selected intel as the compiler in the configure...