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Сalculation stopped with error "Could not find the matching file in input file wrfchemi"

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I started to run calculation for my own domain like in exercise: Using the Global emissions data (
I prepared 4 domains: d01 - 9 km, d02 - 3 km, d03 - 1 km, d04 - 500 m.
The satrt date of the calculation 2017.07.25 18:00, End 2017.07.26 18:00
Simulation without chemistry for all domains is performed successfully.
When I run simulation with chemistry,
1) During the calculation with 4 domains (max_dom = 4) after 8 hours of work on 07/26/2017 around 01:00
gives the error: "Could not find the matching file in input file wrfchemi_d04_2017-07-25_18: 00: 00"
2) During the calculation with 3 domains (max_dom = 3) after 16 hours of work on 07/26/2017 10:40
gives the error: "Could not find the matching file in input file wrfchemi_d03_2017-07-25_18: 00: 00"
3) With 2 domains (max_dom = 2) the calculation for 24 hours was completed successfully.

What am I doing wrong? Where to look for problems, in namelist.input or converting chemistry input files?
namelist.input was attached.


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