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20-km benchmark case


New member
Hi everyone,

I want to get , benchmark of 20 km, but I can't find it in the link. How can I generate it ?. Thanks

kind regards,
At present we don't have a 20-km benchmark case, and in order to generate this yourself you would need a 20-km mesh. While we don't actually have a 20-km quasi-uniform mesh at present, we could generate one and make it available on the mesh download page in the near future. I'll follow up in this thread once the 20-km mesh is available.
We don't currently provide software for generating new meshes, so generating a 20-km mesh is something that we will do for you.
We haven't made our mesh generation software publicly available, so once I have generated the 20-km mesh, I'll follow up here to let you know that the mesh is available.