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3DVar configuration of time_window

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Good day!

I have succesfully run 3Dvar with radar tested data case.

Namelist.input for test case:

All data in ob.radar were on 2006-07-11_12:00:00.

I want to run case with my own radar data.
I have successfully prepared the ob.radar file (2019-03-14 12:00Z) and generated be.dat for my running.
I want to assimilate these data to (2019-03-14 00:00) forecast and create wrfinput and wrfbdy on 2019-03-14 00:00.
My configuration of namelist.input

I run 3dvar successfully and update boundary condition.
But when I checked the wrfvar_output and wrfbdy data was updated on Time 2019-03-14_00:00:00

How to configure namelist.input correctly (analysis_date, time_window)? How to correctly run assimilation of data on (2019-03-14 12:00Z) or (2019-03-14 09:30Z) ?

With best regards