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4DVar WRFDA DM_PARALLEL fails due to missing files

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New member appears to be missing from the source tarballs, but it is referenced in
Other files like are missing as well.
Where can these files be found? This prevents building MPI versions of WRFDA...
Hi plantain,

Those files should be included in the directory of WRFPLUS/inc if you compiled WRFPLUS successfully. Please refer to Users' Guide as below:
> gunzip WRFV4.3.tar.gz

> tar -xf WRFV4.3.tar



> ./configure wrfplus

As with 3D-Var, “serial” means single-processor, and “dmpar” means Distributed Memory Parallel (MPI). Be sure to select the same option for WRFPLUS as you will use for WRFDA.

> ./compile wrfplus >& compile.out

> ls -ls main/*.exe

If compilation was successful, you should see the WRFPLUS executable (named wrfplus.exe):

53292 -rwxr-xr-x 1 user man 54513254 Apr 6 22:43 main/wrfplus.exe

Finally, set the environment variable WRFPLUS_DIR to the appropriate directory:

>setenv WRFPLUS_DIR ${your_source_code_dir}/WRFPLUS