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About ideal case of just Flux operator and also Shallow water wave

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On the MPAS webiste, there are only three ideal tests and all for 3-D. Where can I find the ideal tests just for flux operator construction or the case of shallow water wave case? Thanks in advance.

Hi all,

I have compiled the core_sw and successfully generated the sw_model. However, there is a crucial problem when running the ./sw_model with the x1.2562.. mesh, as following,

" CRITICAL ERROR: Dimension 'nTracers' required by field 'tracers' was neither read nor defined. "

Do anyone know how to solve this or give me some tutorial for running this core?

The MPAS shallow-water model is minimally maintained and generally not supported, unfortunately. However, if you'd like to experiment with it, you can use any of the meshes available on the MPAS-Atmosphere mesh download page after making one change in the "src/core_sw/Registry.xml" file. You'll need to change this line in the <dims> tag:
              <dim name="nTracers"/>
to look like this:
              <dim name="nTracers"           definition="1"/>
The short explanation is that, in the past, we prepared input mesh files that defined one or more passive tracers to be transported in the shallow water model; but, the MPAS-Atmosphere meshes don't provide any tracers by default, so the "nTracers" dimension is not present in these mesh files.
Dear Mgduda,

I have run the SW core with some test cases (change the option in namelist.sw). Most of the cases are fine, however, the result of test case 6 (Rossby-Haurwitz Wave) seems not that right, part of show bellow, the variable is "h" here.
initial condition:

after one day:

after four days:

In fact, I think for this case the shape should not change, do you know what's the problem? Thanks a lot !
Btw, the mesh is x1.40962 and I have tried other resolution, got almost same results.

Best regards,