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Adding Anthropogenic Heat in the WRF-BEP/BEM model

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I am trying to add a new variable in AH_TRAFFIC into the model, so that i can provide hourly emission data into WRF-UCM (BEP/BEM) model for estimating T2m. 24 files of AH_TRAFFIC (hourly wise). i.e. hourly emission file for each hours.

I am following the presentation "" prepared by John Michalakes, NRL and Dave Gill, NCAR of WRF Software Architecture Working Group.

I am following the example 5 mention in the presentation which talks about updating SSTs in wrf model.

Following step were followed :
1. Adding a new variable in WRF Registry.

state real AH_TRAFFIC ij misc 1 - i5h "AH_traffic" "Anthropogenic heat from traffic" "W m{-2}"

I have added a new variable (Ah_TRAFFIC) in Registry file(../Registry/Registry.EM_COMMON).

2. Pass new state variable to surface physics
adding the variable in dyn_em/module_first_rk_step_part1.F

CALL surface_driver (.., ! optional & AH_TRAFFIC=grid%AH_TRAFFIC & ..)

3. Passing the new variable to surface driver file in phy/module_surface_driver.F

SUBROUTINE surface_driver(..&, AH_TRAFFIC &, ..)
REAL, OPTIONAL, DIMENSION( ims:ime, jms:jme ), INTENT(INOUT) :: AH_TRAFFIC ! AH from traffic

CALL lsm(dz8w,qv_curr,p8w,t_phy,tsk, AH_TRAFFIC...)

4. Passing the new varible to lsm driver in phy/module_sf_noahdrv.F

REAL, OPTIONAL, DIMENSION( ims:ime, jms:jme ), INTENT(INOUT) :: AH_TRAFFIC ! AH from traffic

print *,"AH_value",AH_TRAFFIC(i,j)

After print the AH_TRAFFIC(i,j) is give 0.0 value in rsl.out.0000 file. I have checked all the rsl.out.* file but the value doesnot change throughout the simulation.

I would like to know how we can define a new variable in WRF and read the file, open the file, distribute it based on out grid domain point and assign the value at each hour.

I am attaching my namelist.input and sample file for reference.

I would like to Thank WRF help for support.




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