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Adding variables to stream_list

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This is hopefully a quick and easy answer, though I haven't been able to figure it out myself (unless I'm missing something fairly trivial)...

I'm trying to add variables to output with the diagnostics files using the "stream_list.atmosphere.diagnostics" file, but while numerous pressure levels are already present (e.g., "height_925hPa", "height_850hPa"), trying to add other pressure levels such as "height_300hPa" or "height_1000hPa" that were not present in the default stream_list.atmosphere.* files caused my simulation to crash when outputting data to the diagnostics file. I'm running MPAS v6.3. Is this error not supposed to occur, or is there another step I'm supposed to do to get data for these pressure levels?
The set of isobaric levels to which fields are interpolated is unfortunately fixed in the MPAS v6.3 release (and even in the current development branch); so, without code modifications, the only isobaric-level fields that are available are those in the Registry_isobaric.xml file.

It's on our "to-do" list to generalize the isobaric diagnostics to support arbitrary runtime-defined levels, but I don't have a good estimate as to when we might be able to get to redesigning and implementing this.