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After replacing LAI and GVF static data in geog,running real.exe, the LAI and VEGFRA in the wrfinput and wrflowinp are 0

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I am using WRF-chem model,version 3.5.1,I replaced the new binary files of landuse, LAI, and GVF in geog, and made index files. The values ​​of landuse, LAI, and GVF are correctly displayed in the and met_em.d01 files. After running real.exe, the LAI and VEGFRA in the wrfinput and wrflowinp files are displayed as 0. I would like to ask why. I look forward to your reply!
The namelist.input file setting reference forum post added the following lines under physics:
surface_input_source = 3,
sst_update = 1,
rdlai2d = .true.,
The complete namelist.input file is as follows:
the,,wrfinput_d01 and wrflowinp_d01 is in named yujiaoyang.tar
Thank you very much!


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