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AGU 2021 session A080: Modeling Across Scales From Global to Convection-permitting: Weather, Climate, and Air Quality

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Dear WRF & MPAS forum members,

It is again the time for submitting abstracts to the AGU fall meeting.

On behalf of conveners, I would like to draw your attention to the following AGU Fall Meeting session, particularly those working with regionally refined meshes, multiscale interactions in the climate system, exploiting convective-permitting meshes, comparing atmospheric processes across resolutions, or air quality prediction from local to global scales. All career stages encouraged! Abstracts are due August 4.

Confirmed invited speakers this year are Dr. S.J. Lin (IAP) and Dr. Louisa Emmons (NCAR).

Session description:

*Modeling Across Scales From Global to Convection-permitting: Weather, Climate, and Air Quality*

Atmospheric processes operate across a wide spectrum of scales, ranging from thousands of kilometers to a handful of meters. Continuing increases in computing power have enabled models to resolve smaller scales of motion, either globally or regionally, at climate time scales. The ability to model smaller scales appropriately has been shown to improve simulations of convection, severe storms, orographic forcing, pollutants, and their upscale effects.

This session seeks contributions regarding the development or application of high-resolution simulations and multi-scale techniques for investigating weather, climate, and air quality, such as the impact of climate change on processes at local scales (e.g., precipitation, hydrology, ecosystems, and air quality) and teleconnections across scales. We strongly encourage abstracts containing research related to variable resolution, non-hydrostatic modeling, or multiscale modeling framework techniques. We also invite papers addressing sensitivities arising from the responses of model dynamics, physics, and chemistry to multiple resolutions.

Session ID: A080
Session Title: Modeling Across Scales From Global to Convection-permitting: Weather, Climate, and Air Quality
Session Details:

Guangxing Lin
Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Bryce E Harrop
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Chun Zhao
University of Science and Technology of China
Colin M. Zarzycki
Pennsylvania State University

Best regards,
Koichi Sakaguchi, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory