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alternative choice for SST

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Dear WRF community,

I am using GFS/FNL+RTG_SST for sst_update run. However, the dataset of RTG_SST starts from 20010211. Is there any alternative datasets for SST which can permit the use of GFS/FNL?


I've just written a Fortran90 code called ghrsst-to-intermediate, which reads any of the GHRSST datasets available from the PODAAC at JPL, and writes SST:YYYY-MM-DD_HH files in WPS Intermediate file format. It will also (optionally) extract the LANDSEA mask and the SEAICE fields which can be found in many of the GHRSST products.

It's designed to take the place of UNGRIB for SST. Just be sure to remove the line with SST from your Vtable when you run UNGRIB for the rest of the fields.


Note that are older and newer versions of some of the datasets, (e.g. G1_SST, MUR, UKMO), so scroll down. I suggest you pick one with "GDS version 2" in the name - that's the file format my code was designed for, but it may still work with the older versions.

There are many GHRSST options in the PODAAC, some go back to the early 1980s (assuming you are looking for data before 2001, when RTG started). RTG also ceased in Feb 2020.

Contact me offline and I'll send you the code - and thank you in advance for being a beta tester.