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AOD>0 with aerosol radiative feedback off

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Is it possible to have AOD values > 0 when aerosol radiative effects are turned off?
I am getting such values, am perplexed.

Appreciate any help.

Hi Jordan,
My aer_op_opt was 5 but had set aer_ra_feedback = 0. Should not the aerosols be invisible to radiation in that case?
I had calculated AOD from TAUAER2 and TAUAER3, but EXTCOF55 is also non-zero.

Hi Jordan,
It will be helpful if you could provide an update regarding the issue. Could you kindly point out the part of the code I should read from?


The aerosols will be invisible to radiation with aer_ra_feedback = .false., and the tauaer* variables will still be calculated with aer_op_opt > 0 but will not be applied. You should be able to verify this by switching aer_ra_feedback = .true. and seeing the differences in swdown.

So in both cases the AODs should be similar I suppose. Pardon my inexperience.
I had calculated the difference in the AOD between the two scenarios (ON vs OFF) and found large differences exceeding 50-60%. Didn't expect such large differences.