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Assimilate RDA Radiance data over Central Africa through WRFDA.

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chris sheva

New member
Hello everyone.

I tried to assimilate the Research Data Archive (RDA) SEVERI bufr file, available through the website link!access but I get this following problem (from rsl.error.0000): " WARNING FROM FILE: LINE: 299 Unknown platform: 70 ". After looking, I discovered that the new satellite MSG4 is not implemented in WRFDA (

I have also tried using AMSUA, SSMIS, HIRS-4, MHS, ATMS bufr data files, but unfortunately without any success (as detailed on the attached rsl.out.0000 file). Could anybody tell me please, which sources of radiance data could I easily use for my case study?

I am using WRF version 4.2.1 with RTTOV 12.1. My field of study covers Central Africa (lat: 20S - 25N; lon: 0E - 35E), and the hours of assimilation are: 2019-09-20 at 12TU and 18TU.

Here, i have attached the rsl.out.0000 and namelist.input files.

Thank you for your kind understanding. :)

With Regards,



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