Assimilated wind not updated in the Analysis

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Hi all,

I am assimilating wind speed and wind direction observations via FM-281 QSCAT instrument code (my observations come from ASCAT).
I think that the observations have been correctly assimilated because in rsl.out I read:

" Diagnostics

Total number of obs. = 628

*** WRF-Var completed successfully *** "

However, when I compute the difference of the wind field between the analysis with assimilated observations and the original one, I do not see difference in the wind field. I do see difference in other fields, like t2m and slp, but the wind field appears to be exactly the same.
How can that be considering that I am assimilating wind observations?

I computed the difference using Python via the wrf-python package. I am diagnosing the wind field using the g_uvmet.get_uvmet10_wspd_wdir routine, and the file I think contains the analysis is the first wrfout_d01_YEAR-MM-DD_hh:mm:ss output file.