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Assimilation of MODIS AOD in WRFDA


New member

I was following the tutorial (Chapter 6: WRFDA) on how to use WRFDA until I reached the part of the available data to be used in WRFDA. Unfortunately, MODIS seems to be not on the list, and I am planning to use MODIS AOD to forecast air quality in WRF-Chem. I have read that it is possible to create your own input data for WRFDA, but I do not know where to start. Given, for example, a MODIS AOD NetCDF4 file.

Would it be possible to assimilate MODIS AOD in WRFDA? Also, would it also be possible to assimilate other available data, for example ground sensor measurements?

I have been trying to do the assimilation with Gridpoint Statistical Interpolation (GSI) to no avail; I have been following its tutorial (Case 9: Chem case: GSI analysis for WRF-Chem |, yet I always reach a segmentation fault, and it seems that GSI is no longer supported.