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Atmosphere_model fails : Error in compute_layer_mean: pressure should increase with index

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Dear MPAS Community

I am running MPAS 7 on a 240-48KM grid but it keeps on failing. I get this error in the log.0000.atmosphere.err file :
ERROR: Error in compute_layer_mean: pressure should increase with index.

When I investigate further I get this message below in the log file and then farther down the model looks like it blows up:

Troubles finding level 100.000 above ground.
Problems first occur at (2)
Surface pressure = 0.00000 hPa.
*** MSLP field will not be computed
Timing for diagnostic computation: 927.653 s
Timing for stream output: 2.49577 s

Does anyone have an idea of what the issue could be ?

Attached are the namelist, streams and log files.

Kind regards

Molulaqhooa Linda Maoyi
PhD Student - University of Cape Town


  • log.atmosphere.0000.out.txt
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  • namelist.atmosphere.txt
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  • namelist.init_atmosphere.txt
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  • streams.atmosphere.txt
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  • streams.init_atmosphere.txt
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Dear MPAS Community

I have managed to diagnose the error. The issue was that I did not set the the &dimensions parameters to 1 when I created the file.
The model is working fine now,

Kind regards