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BVOC Emission

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I'm running WRF-Chem with online MGEAN and the variables related to biogenic emissions in the wrfout files are shown below.
float EBIO_ISO(Time, south_north, west_east) ;
EBIO_ISO:FieldType = 104 ;
EBIO_ISO:MemoryOrder = "XY " ;
EBIO_ISO:description = "Actual biog emiss" ;
EBIO_ISO:units = "mol km^-2 hr^-1" ;
EBIO_ISO:stagger = "" ;
EBIO_ISO:coordinates = "XLONG XLAT XTIME" ;
float EBIO_API(Time, south_north, west_east) ;
EBIO_API:FieldType = 104 ;
EBIO_API:MemoryOrder = "XY " ;
EBIO_API:description = "Actual biog emiss" ;
EBIO_API:units = "mol km^-2 hr^-1" ;
EBIO_API:stagger = "" ;

Does the WRF-Chem model only write these two variables (EBIO_ISO and EBIO_API) to the wrfout file? How can I calculate all biogenic-related emissions?

Thanks a lot,
Hi Maosier,

To add more species to the output, you can either add an "h" to the 8th column of the desired diagnostics in the Registry, e.g.,


state real ebio_lim ij misc 1 - r "ebio_lim" "Actual biog emiss" "mol km^-2 hr^-1"


state real ebio_lim ij misc 1 - rh "ebio_lim" "Actual biog emiss" "mol km^-2 hr^-1"

Then performing a "./clean -a" and recompiling.

Otherwise, you can add an io_field file to your run directory to alter the history stream without recompiling (see the WRF ARW user guide for details).