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Can the size of the refinement region span area be adjusted in Variable-resolution meshes ?

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RT: Can the size of the refinement region span area be adjusted in Variable-resolution meshes ?
Variable-resolution meshes Provided by the web site :

Any suggestions will be appreciated!
Thanks in advance.
It's not possible to change the span of the refinement region; it's only possible to move the refinement region to different parts of the globe with the grid_rotate tool.
Thank you for your reply!
by the way,for runing a 3-km regional simulation with MPAS-Atmosphere,Is it right to use the 3-km quasi uniform meshes directly as step 4 (4. Running limited-area simulations) in MPAS tutorial practice guide(
It's not necessary to use 60-km – 3-km Variable-resolution mesh for 3-km regional simulation. Is my understanding accurate ?

for 3-km regional simulation,Which of 3-km quasi uniform meshe and 60-km – 3-km Variable-resolution mesh will work better ?
You can in principle create a limited-area domain from either the 3-km quasi-uniform mesh or from any variable-resolution global mesh that refines to 3-km grid spacing. If the spatial resolution of your forcing dataset (used for ICs and LBCs) is coarse, then there may be some value in using a variable-resolution mesh that roughly matches the resolution of this driving dataset along the boundaries of your domain. The original MWR paper (Skamarock et al. 2018) on regional MPAS-Atmosphere discusses this issue to some degree.