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Can UPP 9.00 be used to post-process WRF?

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I'm trying to understand, in order to post-process WRF output, do I use the latest UPP, Version 9.0.0 ( , or do I have to use Version 4.1.0 (

The warning on both pages implies that you cannot use UPP Version 9.0.0 to post-process WRF output. Or so I understand from that.

For context, I would like to post-process output from WRF 4.2.1 for my current run. I am using RIP 4.7 currently in making plots.
In a different example, I would like to post-process AMPS output saved in I believe WRF was used in producing these dataset.
1. UPP v9.0.0 should still work to post-process WRF output as it is still used operationally (e.g. HRRR). However, we did not test the capability to process WRF for this version as we no longer provide community support for WRF. You can give it a try as it should work, but if you run into issues, you might be better off using UPPv4.1.

2. For WRFv3.0.1.1 data, neither UPPv9.0.0 or v4.1 will work. There have been far too many changes in WRF and UPP since then. We do have the older versions of UPP archived that I could pass along if you wanted to give them a shot, but again, we can't provide support if they don't work.