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cannot compile emi_convert in WRFCHEM-3.9.1

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After successfully compiled wrfchem-3.9.1 I find it difficult to compile emi_convert to generate convert_emiss.exe executable, a program that converts binary intermediate chemical fields into netcdf WRF-compatible format

I discovered that emi_convert is missing in the wrfchem folder as shown bellow:
julius@CRG:~/Buid_WRF/WRF$ ls
arch clean compile.log configure.wrf dyn_em external hydro main phys Registry share tools wrftladj compile configure doc dyn_nmm frame inc Makefile README run test var

what can I do in order to compile emi_convert

with kind regards

Please refer to the "compile" program in the top level WRF directory - there should be an option to compile to emi_convert. I.e., instead of "./compile em_real" to compile the model, it is "./compile convert_em".