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CFS sst update problem

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I am using CFS sst as MPAS sst-update. However, CFS has low resolution and it does not include in-land lakes. One example is:

So if I start MPAS with GFS initial condition, and update sst from CFS, I get consistant cold temperature near coastal region and in-land lake, for example:

One can clearly see the cold regions compared with the initial GFS surface temperature:

I am wondering if there is some way to handle this issue? Thanks!
Can you check whether your CFS intermediate files contain a 'LANDSEA' field? Without this field, I think the init_atmosphere core may use land points from the CFS to interpolate to water points in the MPAS mesh near coastlines. You can use the 'rd_intermediate' utility that comes with the WRF Pre-Processing System to check whether your intermediate files contain a 'LANDSEA' field.
A suggestion to solve the problem.


for file in `ls -1 ocnf* `
wgrib2 cdas1.t00z.pgrbh01.grib2 -match LAND -append -grib_out $file