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Changes in the LANDSEA mask

Dear all,
I made some changes in the LANDMASK in the geo_em.d01 domain file in order to match exactly the land sea mask of the ocean model coupled qith WRF.
The I re-run the metgrid and real programs to generate the WRF input files.
When I checked the heat-fluxes outputs I can see some weired values and/ot discontinuities close to the land/sea boundary where some changes occurred in the LANDMASK.
I guess that metgrid uses the LANDMASK in the masking/interpolation, so if there is a problem, it should be in the mismatch I introduced in the domain file after my changes.
Since LANDMASK is the first field calculated by geogrid.exe, I am wondering if some fields in the geo_em.d01 file depend on the LANDMASK, so that I must change also them.
Can someone suggest me how to face this issue?
Thank you