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Chemistry data when using ndown


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Hi everybody!
The computing resources restrict me to run the simulation using nested option, so I use ndown.exe method.
In this case, I have a question regarding preparing chemistry data before ndown.exe, which method is correct:
M1. I use only the chemistry existing in wrfout_d01.. of the coarser domain. or
M2. I need to include wrfbiochemi_d02, and wrfchemi_gocart_bg_d02 data for ndown.exe run, and include wrfchemi_00z_d01 for wrf.exe. --> this method is suggested by Steven Peckham (WRF-Chem V3.4.1: Nested Simulation Considerations).
I tested the method number 2 and it is working, but I am wondering do we really need to do it, since we already have chemistry in the wrfout_d01?
Thank you so much for your help
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