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cloud droplet number estimation

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I wanted to know how is cloud droplet number (QNDROP) estimated with morrisson microphysics (mp_physics=10) in wrf-chem in case of both chem_opt= 201 and 202, as 201 does not support indirect effects and 202 does.

For wrf-chem the droplet number is defined on basis of nc1d in module_mp_morr_two_moment.F, so what does nc1d mean?

! wrf-chem
IF (flag_qndrop .AND. PRESENT( qndrop )) THEN
qndrop(i,k,j) = nc1d(k)
!jdf CSED3D(I,K,J) = CSED(K)

However, there is also the module_mixactivate.F for droplet activation from aerosols. How the two approaches differ? It would be of great help for me for i can get some clarification.
And also I would like to know which approach is applicable to 201 and 202.

I very much appreciate any help. Thanks..