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cloud error in WRF-Chem

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I have been running wrf with chem_opt=601. The run completes successfully but has these outputs in the rsl.out files.
dvode-- maxord (=i1) .lt. 0
in above message, i1 =-557677105
*** module_cmuaq_bulk, aubr aqintegr1 -- svode failed, istate = -3
*** mosaic_cloudchem_driver, subr interface_to_aqoperator1
id,it,jt,kt, istat_fatal, warn = 1 18 8 7 -10 0

This makes the rsl.out.0000 files very large. I am wondering whether you can suggest me how I can overcome this problem.
I am attaching the namelist.input files if this helps to understand the problem more clearly.


  • namelist.input
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