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CO2/Radiation in WRF-Chem

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New member
Hello everyone,

I would appreciate if someone can answer my question about CO2 radiation effect in WRF-Chem.
I'm using WRF-Chem v3.8 with MOZART/MOSAIC chemistry option (chem_opt=201). I also prepared anthropogenic emissions based on NEI. My runs are done successfully with gaseous and aerosol species and their interaction with meteorology. The problem I have is that, as expected, there is no CO2 in my output (while emission rates included in wrfchemi* inputs). I also tried chem_opt=16, and now I have CO2 mixing ratio in my output. However, still there is no CO2/radiation interaction. In fact, my radiation variables are the same to WRF (only meteorology) results.
Can you please let me know what chemical mechanisms (chem_opt) should I use to see the effect of anthropogenic CO2 (different scenarios in emission input file) on radiation?
Thank you in advance for your help.