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Compilation Error - After changes in registry and mozcart chemistry

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Hello all,

I am trying to introduce few species in WRF-Chem V4.0 to study anthropogenic and biomass burning emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) as new variables co_anth and co_fire along with few other new variables. I have added these variables to registry.chem, and modified mozcart mechanism files in kpp/mechanisms/mozcart. Also some changes as per need in modules such as module_emissions_anthropogenic.F, module_plumerise1.F etc.

However I am not able to compile and generate executables. I have attached the compile.txt file. Kindly provide suggestions. Thanks.


  • compile.txt
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This is your error:

KPP is parsing the equation file.Error :./mozcart.eqn:41: Duplicate equation: (eqn<38> = eqn<39> )

If you created new species "co_anth" and "co_fire", make sure they are explicitly referenced in the KPP equation file (and defined in the .spc file). Feel free to attach your .eqn and .spc file if you still have issues.


Thanks for replying. I have removed the equation in error (though I thought they were different because of the photolysis rate). Also I have added the species to mozcart.spc file along with registry.chem but still I am getting compilation error. I have corrected a minor mistake of comments in registry (I used ! instead of # for commenting) however, the compilation fails.
I am attaching the registry.chem, mozcart.eqn and mozcart.spc files for better reviewing. Thanks.


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