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compilation error in WRF-Chem with KPP

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Hello Sir / Madam,
I could successfully install WRF model in my ubuntu 20.04 system with gfortran version9.3.0, netcdf 4.1.3, mpich-3.3.2. Then I installed flex-2.5.37, and byacc-20200910 and tried to install WRF-Chem with KPP coupler, but it failed to build executables every time. Can someone take a look at log.compile and help me out here. Kinda stuck on this from last week.



  • log.compile
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Hi Saurabh,

It looks like KPP is building the mechanisms, but yeah not much other information. From what I can see module_aerosols_sorgam is the offending code, but I'm not sure why it is failing. Can you compile with this command and attach the two files just to make sure it doesn't provide any additional information?

./compile em_real > log_comp.txt 2> errors_comp.txt

Also, do you experience a similar issue with other WRF-Chem releases?

Hi Jordan,
Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am facing the same errors with other versions of WRF. I am attaching both the files as you requested.
And also, whenever I try to compile it gives a message saying something "netcdf is with netcdf-4 --disabled, and export NETCDF_classic=1", do you think is there any problem there?

Thank you so much for the help.


  • log_comp.txt
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  • errors_comp.txt
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Hi Saurabh,

One thing I notice are these in errors_comp.txt:

*** buffer overflow detected ***: terminated
make: *** [Makefile:3: cri_mosaic_8bin_aq_Integrator.f90] Aborted (core dumped)

It looks like you are having memory errors compiling the chem mechansims. My advice would be to try and provide the compile with more memory, or delete the mechansims that have this error (and you don't plan on using) from the chem/KPP directory.

And where is the Netcdf warning occuring? You can try compiling with netcdf 4 disabled.