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Compilation of WRF-Chem with KPP

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Dear all,

When I try to compile WRF-Chem with KPP, after one hour I get that the executables have not been built.
But I can't find any error in my log file.
The -j 1 option is enabled.
Does anyone have any idea what could be my problem?

Thanks in advance!


  • compile_kpp.log
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  • compile_wrf.log
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I don't see any errors either - Can you perform a "./clean -a" and then compile the model with this command?>

./compile em_real > log_comp.txt 2> errors_comp.txt

Any errors should show up in error_comp.txt


Thank you very much for your answer Jordan.
Finally, I did exactly the same commands with same ENV variables and managed to compile KPP using WRF-V4.2 while before I was trying with WRF-4.3.1... If it can help someone...

I'm glad you have a working version, however, it is worrying 4.3.1 did not compile though. Did you try to compile with the command I mentioned? If so, did anything show up in errors_comp.txt?