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Convert_emiss.exe run problem

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Georgii Nerobelov

New member
I`m trying to generate BC and IC of anthropogenic emissions (NEI data set) using tutorial from "WRF-Chem Emissions Guide" (chapters 2.3 and 2.4) and information from Exercise 3 ( Everything is OK except the final step - running convert_emiss.exe. After I run the executable the programm gets into a loop which doesn`t stop itself and doesn`t generate any output files. As I could understand from the convert_emiss.f90 file, subroutine "geth_newdate" can`t provide a correct next_date_char. For instance, my start_date_char and end_date_char are 2019-09-17_00:00:00 and 2019-09-17_11:00:00 respectfully and I expect that after every loop next_date_char=start_date_char+1 hour. But in my case next_date_char=start_date_char every loop (and you can see it from attached log.file).
Is someone familiar with the problem? I will appreciate any help.
Thank you in advance.


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  • convert_emiss.f90
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Hi, Georgii.

Did you managed to solve the issue with the convert_emiss executable?
I'm having the same issue with this file. It doesn't stop looping through the same initial time... :roll:

Thank you.

Best regards,
Rui Silva
Dear, Georgii.

The reason why the convert_emiss.exe is running in loop is because you need to set this option in your namelist.input:

auxinput5_interval_m = 60,

However I still have the following error:
At line 1268 of file convert_emiss.f90 (unit = 91, file = 'wrfem_12to24z_d01')
Fortran runtime error: I/O past end of record on unformatted file

Anyone knows why this happens?

Rui Silva
Hey I'm having a similar issue and getting a Fortran runtime error when running convert_emiss.exe, were you able to resolve this?


I am having a similar problem running convert_emiss.exe.
Total analysis times to input =   12
Total number of times to input =   12   12
Number of emissions:         31
dims:         1         1         1
dims:        80        31        50        20
dims:         1         1         1
dims:        80        31        50
dims:        91        20        61        38         3
dims:        81        20        51
EMISSIONS OUTPUT file name: wrfchemi_00z_d01
FRAMES:         12        12
LOOP:          2        12
Date &  time 2013-06-03_01:00:00.0000
Hour    0
USING FILE: wrfem_00to12z_d01         1
Reading data from file:          0
forrtl: severe (67): input statement requires too much data, unit 91, file /home/NEI2011/wrfem_00to12z_d01
The wrfchemi_00z_d01 file is produced, but it only has 1 time level (it is supposed to have 12 hours).
Can anyone help me with is? Thanks!!!

Hi Bessie,

Yes the convert emissions tool has had some difficulties and there are planned fixes. For your case, It looks like you are running into memory options. Depending on the system you are using, try increasing the available memory (e.g., on a SLURM scheduler, --mem-per-cpu=XXG) or place "limit stacksize unlimited" and/or "ulimit -s unlimited" in your runscript.

Dear Jordan,

Thanks for your advice.

I tried "ulimit -s unlimited", but the problem still exists. I also tried using larger time steps, but it doesn't work.