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convert_mpas and Integrated Data Viewer (IDV) [SOLVED]


I am using convert_mpas to generate netcdf files as outputs of my mpas simulation (from diag and history files). I tried to open the files with the Integrated Data Viewer.
Unfortunately, the viewer starts with a splash screen saying "no gridded data found".
I cannot figure out the reason, because the data are valid. I can open the files with Panoply.
IDV software can read netcdf files, so I don't understand.
Is there a way to solve the problem ? To convert .nc file format into .grib format ? Other ?

Thank you
The problem is solved.
The time is missing in Panoply software doesn't care about that but IDV does.
So I have used CDO command. Suppose that the output of convert_mpas is renamed into :

cdo settunits,hour -settaxis,2023-01-27,00:00:00,2hour

And now IDV is satisfied.