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convert_mpas utility


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I have been using the convert_mpas_utility for quite some time now, but I found that it is not remapping the fields which have a vertical dimension. It is able to remap the fields like rainc, rainnc, t2m and so on because these have dimensions (nCells x time) but as soon as the dimension becomes (nVertLvels x nCells x time) for the variables like divergence, relhum in the history files it is not able to remap them. Can someone please help to remap those variables too.

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Can you clarify what you mean when you say that convert_mpas is not able to remap fields? Does the program crash? Or do you get an error message saying that the fields cannot be remapped? Or are the fields in the '' file just fill values?
I am trying to remap I do not get any error message, the program runs normally but the output file ( has fields which initially had dimensions of (nCells x time) but the fields such as relhum, divergence, theta which has z dimension also (nVertLevels x nCells x time) are not there in the file.

Then I added the include_fields file in the directory. I kept only two variable 'divergence' and 'theta' in the 'include_fields' file. But in the file it has only latitude and longitude variables. I am sharing the screenshot of the terminal for reference.


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