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Converting several observation reports to little_r

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I have downloaded a Fortran program to convert a sounding obsertion to littel_r here This program is easily adaptible to converting a single surface observation to little_r. I would like to convert a whole bulletin of a long list of observation (a mixture of synop, metar and speci) into a single little_r formatted file. Adapting the above program will take me very long (perhaps a few months).
I will appreciate if there is anyone who may have a ready Fortran program (or Perl script) to accomplish the task, for a sample of data as below.

AAXX 16124
47402 16/// /0225 10134 20118 39950 49959 56023 60692 333 10150=
47606 1//59 /2009 10207 20197 39985 40000 53042 60072 78180 333 10274=
47115 11650 80516 10176 20141 39844 40104 52020 60092 71022 8552/ 333 10189 31017 55000 70126 92064=
KMRY 091354Z 11003KT 8SM BKN004 10/09 A3006 RMK AO2 CIG 003V008 SLP193 T01000094=
EDFH 091350Z 28015G27KT 240V330 9999 -SHSN FEW009 BKN015 03/M00 Q1023 =
EKTS 091350Z 31017KT CAVOK 06/01 Q1002=
PASA 091355Z AUTO 09013KT 1 1/4SM OVC001 M04/M05 A2986 RMK AO1 TSNO=
CYYC 091352Z 01015KT 5/8SM R16/6000FT R28/5500FT -SN DRSN VV003 RMK SN8=
KEHA 091528Z AUTO 28009KT 10/M08 RMK AO1 PK WND 12 000 T01001083=
EGPD 06006KT 020V080 8000 VCSH FEW006 BKN012TCU BKN050 16/15 Q1008 TEMPO 4000 SHRA BKN010TCU=
This work should be made by yourself because the original data formats others cannot get it.
What you should do is reading and reorganizing the data as the program need.