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Could ideal case be assimilated

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New member
hello all:
I wonder the ideal case(em_tropical_cyclone) could be assimilated ?
when i use the wrfout file generated by the ideal case,it can't be integrated ,and the rsl.error.0000 indicates:

Timing for Writing wrfout_d01_0001-01-04_03:10:00 for domain 1: 2.56458 elapsed seconds
Tile Strategy is not specified. Assuming 1D-Y
WRF TILE 1 IS 1 IE 60 JS 1 JE 40
Timing for main: time 0001-01-04_03:10:02 on domain 1: 3.91645 elapsed seconds
Timing for main: time 0001-01-04_03:10:04 on domain 1: 1.30823 elapsed seconds
forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred
Image PC Routine Line Source
wrf.exe 000000000300757D for__signal_handl Unknown Unknown
libpthread-2.17.s 00002AB269E21630 Unknown Unknown Unknown
wrf.exe 0000000002B392C2 Unknown Unknown Unknown
wrf.exe 0000000002B351C8 Unknown Unknown Unknown
wrf.exe 0000000002B32DAF Unknown Unknown Unknown

Thanks !