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crashes when running with noah lsm

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I was making forecasts with atmosphere_model that was initialized with ERA5. It kept running into crashes that ended up returning
Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference
and preceded by
Flerchinger USEd in NEW version. Iterations= 10
in the stdout with the default
config_physics_suite = 'mesoscale_reference'
. If I add the
config_lsm_scheme = 'off'
into the namelist, the simulation can go thru the point it would've crashed. The namelist, log.atmosphere.0000.out, and stdout have been attached to this post. Would you mind taking a look at what might have caused the crash as I still want to leave the LSM option on?
Thanks in advance,


  • log.atmosphere.0000.out.txt
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  • log.stdout.txt
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In my experience, the "Flerchinger" errors most often turn up when there are unreasonable soil moisture or soil temperature values in the initial conditions. As a first check, it might be worth plotting or otherwise scanning through the soil moistures and soil temperatures to see that they all look reasonable.
Hi, Michael,
After running in the login node, it turns out that the crash is caused by the RRTMG_SW with the error message of "MCICA_SUBCOL: KISSVEC SEED GENERATOR REQUIRES ... <cut>..", which will completely terminate the simulation process. I also saw an open issue of this at I wonder how it should be addressed.
Much thanks!
As Brian mentioned in MPAS-Model Issue #139, it's not clear why the check
if (pmid(i,1).lt.pmid(i,2)) then
is actually needed. As suggested in the issue, I think a reasonable work-around for now would be to just comment-out the check in src/core_atmosphere/physics/physics_wrf/module_ra_rrtmg_sw.F around line 1701:
         !   if (pmid(i,1).lt.pmid(i,2)) then
         !   endif