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Creating a time series plot between different simulations


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Hi, I'm trying to create a 3-hourly time series plot of slp and match it to the JMA best track data. However, I don't know how to obtain it. Below is the code that only obtains the slp for my 12 simulations.
Screenshot from 2024-05-07 12-31-41.png

Advanced thank you to whoever help me.
Hello, I already obtained the 3 hourly time series plot of mlsp and plot the different simulations.

Screenshot from 2024-05-14 15-51-22.png
However, I want to narrow it down further. I want to obtain the mslp for every 3 hours at specific latitude and longitude for different simulations. Like this
Screenshot from 2024-05-14 15-53-46.png
But I do not know construct it.
Also as I looked the data in excel, the values of slp wrt the lat and long for my first target location from one of my simulations looked like this
Screenshot from 2024-05-14 15-59-29.png
Hoping for some help. Thank you.
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