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creating static data in limited area simulation

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I am trying to do a limited area simulation (LAS) using 10 km. As we all know we need static data for running any simulation in MPAS-A, so in the case of LAS as shown in the tutorial, the static data created before for 240 km global simulation was used to create the static data for the LAS by using the create region tool. So my query is whether it is correct to use the create region tool at the beginning itself by using it with the gridded mesh to create a limited region mesh of 10 km then create the static data of that limited mesh and proceed further for the simulation?
Both approaches to obtaining regional static fields should work: you can either subset the global mesh file and then interpolate static fields to the regional mesh, or you can interpolate static fields to a global mesh and then subset the global static fields. These two approaches are shown in the flowchart that was just recently presented at the WRF/MPAS Users' Workshop:


The dashed path in the flowchart represents the sequence that you've described: using the limited_area (create region) tool to subset a global mesh and to then interpolate static fields to the regional subset.
Thanks for clarifying my doubt. I successfully ran the model as described above. Can you please do me one small help, I want to know how to use the physical schemes individually. Actually, I did go through the MPAS documentation but I am not able to understand how to do that. So if you can give an example of namelist that shows how to use individual physical schemes it will be much helpful.
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We generally try to keep each thread on the forum focussed on a single question or topic in hopes that it will make it easier for everyone to find relevant discussions on the forum. Would you mind posting your question about physics schemes as a new topic, and I'll be glad to follow up there?