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CRITICAL ERROR: Error in interpolation of st_fg to MPAS grid

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Dear All,

I used UNGRIB_GFS files from WRF-WPS v4.0 to create initial condition for MPAS.
After I ran ./init_atmosphere I got this error "CRITICAL ERROR: Error in interpolation of st_fg to MPAS grid: num_st = 1580"
Could anyone give me suggestion what should be reasons for the error.?

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Hydro-Informatics Innovation Division,
Hydro-Informatics Institute,
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This error message is an indication that there were one or more points in the MPAS mesh that received a zero or negative value for soil temperature. Can you attach your full log.init_atmosphere.0000.out and namelist.init_atmosphere files?

Can you also verify that there are soil moisture and soil temperature fields in your WPS intermediate file, and that the number of soil levels in your intermediate files matches the value of the config_nfgsoillevels in your namelist.init_atmosphere file?
Sorry for the slow reply on my side. I usually get a notification when there are new posts to this forum, but somehow I don't seem to have received a notification back on 3 May. Anyway, if you still have your log.init_atmosphere.0000.out and namelist.init_atmosphere files, I'll be glad to take a look.