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Data Assimilation in MPAS


New member
I want to initialize the model at 1st January and run it for 1 year. I think in that case we need to add data assimilation to the model. I have seen in the documentation that in the namelist we have to set config_jedi_da as true. May I know what more changes do I need to make or do I need to add or create some other files too?
You do not need to use data assimilation for your application. You can use existing analyses as input to init_atmosphere. The most common ones in use are NCEP's GFS, ERA5, and CFSR analyses. I suggest you look at the online tutorial and the MPAS Users' Guide to work through how to initialize MPAS with these analyses.
Thank you Sir for the reply and I am really sorry for being late. How good is NCEP FNL data? I know the resolution is low (1 degree) compared to the sources you mentioned. But can it be used?