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different wind directions of WRF-ChemV4 and WRF-ChemV3.8.1

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I have started WRF-Chem simulations from 2015.7.26 to 2015.8.9 using WRF-Chem 4.0 and WRF-Chem3.8.1 respectively in oreder to study the characteristic of ozone, and the result is strange. At the same simulation time,two different versions show two different wind directions,And almost they are opposite ,just like pictures below.I was wondering if this was caused by changes to the input data format after the WRF model was updated because the FNL data I use is 2015,which is more applicable to older versions . (It is noteworthy that the wind directions of WRF-CHEM3.8.1 is in good agreement with the transmission path resulted by the online HYSPLIT simulation I did before.)
So can someone know the reason ? I would be very grateful!!


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:D I have found the reason,since WRFV4.0 have some problems, we should choose other versions (3.8.1 4.1 4.2 ...) to do the simulation,so the result of WRF-Chem3.8.1 is correct.