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I used the WRF-Chem 4.2.1 to simulate the dust storm process, the DUST_X and PM10 have reasonal output, But all of the DRYDEP_X=0, I want get the deposition ratio during dust loading. I upload my namelist.input, Could you provide idea to solve this problem?


  • namelist.input
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Note that DRYDEP_{1..5} are deposition velocities for the 5 dust bins that are used in the GOCART dust schemes. The mechanism you have chosen (option 9) does not have these species even though you are using the GOCART dust emission algorithm. For example, take a look at subroutine mosaic_dust_gocartemis in module_mosaic_addemiss.F where the emissions are added to the chem array.

From what I see, you will need to add your own diagnostics to dry_dep_driver for your mechanism and dust species (i.e., oin). You should be able to follow what other mechanisms have done in indexes the ddvel array that comes back from module_mosaic_drydep.F after it is called in dry_dep_driver.F

Let me know if you have further questions.