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ERA-20C (ECMWF 20th Century Reanalysis)


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I'm trying to simulate some early 20th century meteorologic events using the ECMWF 20th Century Reanalysis. I understand that prognostic variables needed for the WRF model include: 2m dewpoint temperature, 2m temperature, Mean sea level pressure, Sea surface temperature, Skin temperature, Surface pressure, 10m u-component of wind, 10m v-component of wind, Snow density, Snow depth, Soil Temp, Soil Moisture, Geopotential, Relative humidity, Temperature, etc and I see from this forum WPS ECMWF (ds626.0) surface and isobaric levels as initial and boundary conditions that I need to download each year's variable file. Is there a best way to download those files to my WPS directory and to edit my WPS folder to run ungrib and metgrib? Will I need to convert the grib datasets into an intermediate format? Any suggestions are welcome.

For additional information, I've downloaded both surface and pressure level data (see attached photo) into my WRF directory. I've seen other discussions on here about what VTable to use. I've linked a few to my WPS directory. I've run ./ on the sfc and the pl data separately, but neither case works when running ./ungrib.exe . My namelist.wps file dates are within the datafile range, but I get ERROR: Grib2 file or date problem, stopping in edition_num.


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I see from WRF - Free Data that I should be using Vtable.ERA-interim_pl for my Vtable link. I've done so, yet I still get the same Error as above. I've also tried with the Vtable.ECMWF just in case, but still get the same error.