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Error due to pio1.f90 and pio2.f90

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I have installed libraries mpich 3.3.1, zlib-1.2.11, hdf5-1.10.5, netcdf-c-4.7.0, netcdf-fortran-4.4.5, pnetcdf-1.11.12, openmpi-4.0.1 and PIO 2.5.3. The libraries were installed without error. During the compilation of MPAS-A-v7, I get the following error.
gfortran: error: pio1.f90: No such file or directory
ar: `u' modifier ignored since `D' is the default (see `U')
make[4]: Leaving directory '/home/subrat/Documents/MPAS_HAritha/LIBRARIES/MPAS-Model-7.0/src/external/esmf_time_f90'
( cd ezxml; make )
gfortran: error: pio2.f90: No such file or directory
make[4]: Entering directory '/home/subrat/Documents/MPAS_HAritha/LIBRARIES/MPAS-Model-7.0/src/external/ezxml'
rm -f *.o *.i

Also, inspite of using USE_PIO2=true, 'make' says "PIO 1 detected"

View attachment make-error.odt
Sorry for the late reply. I tried setting the environment variables manually, but the error remains. The make check of all libraries said all tests passed. I even tried older versions of PIO, but I get the same error every time.
Thank you
Could you say exactly which environment variables you've set (the variables as well as their values)?
Hello, I am having exactly the same issue, I am writing it here so I can get assistance and it also might help someone in the future:

I adapted and Duda's script for installation and wrote a bashrc.opt-mpas file, for exporting the required variables. I run it using "source basic.opt-mpas" and it contains:

export LIBBASE=/p1-nemo/danilocs/mpas/mpas-libs-gnu8.3.0
export PATH=${LIBBASE}/bin:$PATH
export MPAS_EXTERNAL_LIBS="-L${LIBBASE}/lib -lhdf5_hl -lhdf5 -ldl -lz"

Is there something that I am missing here?

Thank you!