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Error during read LANDUSE.TBL, when run v 7.0

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Hello, there,

I tried compile MPAS-Model-7.0, as:

make ifort CORE=atmosphere OPENMP=true USE_PIO2=true PRECISION=single

When I run it, I got error:

forrtl: severe (24): end-of-file during read, unit 15, file /hpelustre/whuang/mpas/run/LANDUSE.TBL
Image PC Routine Line Source 00002AAAAEBE4622 for__io_return Unknown Unknown 00002AAAAEC2437D for_read_seq_fmt Unknown Unknown
atmosphere_model 000000000060D0C1 Unknown Unknown Unknown
atmosphere_model 00000000005F4612 Unknown Unknown Unknown
atmosphere_model 00000000004F37E6 Unknown Unknown Unknown
atmosphere_model 00000000004F4845 Unknown Unknown Unknown
atmosphere_model 000000000040ADF2 Unknown Unknown Unknown
atmosphere_model 0000000000407E96 Unknown Unknown Unknown
atmosphere_model 0000000000407E2E Unknown Unknown Unknown 00002AAAB0EB03D5 __libc_start_main Unknown Unknown
atmosphere_model 0000000000407D39 Unknown Unknown Unknown

ls -l /hpelustre/whuang/mpas/run/LANDUSE.TBL
-rw-r--r-- 1 whuang users 29820 Oct 31 10:55 /hpelustre/whuang/mpas/run/LANDUSE.TBL

more streams.atmosphere
<immutable_stream name="input"
input_interval="initial_only" />

<stream name="output"
output_interval="6:00:00" >

<file name="stream_list.atmosphere.output"/>

<stream name="diagnostics"
output_interval="3:00:00" >

<file name="stream_list.atmosphere.diagnostics"/>


Anyone can help?


Apologies for not replying long ago -- I've been thinking about this issue, and I don't think I have any good ideas as to why this might be happening. One test to try might be to clean and re-compile the model without OpenMP (i.e., to omit OPENMP=true from your make command).

Have you cloned a clean copy of the MPAS-Model source, or have you updated a clone from a previous release? The LANDUSE.TBL file did change in MPAS-Atmosphere v7.0.