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Error during WRFDA compilation

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I am getting a lot of error while compiling WRFDA
Only 13 executables are created and I'm not sure how to correct them.
I have attached the compile log and configure.wrf

One of the error is:
gfortran: error: module_write.o: No such file or directory
gfortran: error: module_decoded.o: No such file or directory
gfortran: error: obsproc.o: No such file or directory
Makefile:61: recipe for target 'obsproc.exe' failed
make[2]: [obsproc.exe] Error 1 (ignored)
make[2]: Leaving directory '/home/koushikh/WPS_model/WRF/WRFV3/WRFDA/var/obsproc/src'

My WRFDA version is 3.9.1
My WRF version is
My NETCDF version is 3.6.3

Any help and suggestion is greatly appreciated


  • compile.log
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  • configure.wrf
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how to solve this issue i am also getting only 13 executable s.
my WRF version is 4.2 and i am running it in centOS 7.9
I have already installed WRF 4.2 and running it.
Now i want to install WRF3D VAR
somebody please help