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Error in Goddard 4-ice microphysics scheme

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In my setup, there seems to be an error when using Goddard 4-ice scheme together with MSKF convection/cumulus scheme. It seems that the problem is with WRF Chem and is possibly isolated to this case; but I don't know how I can fix it.

(The problem was originally posted in Running WRF Forum:

Attaching my files for reference. Thank you very much.


  • wrfout_d02_2015-10-15_00%3A00%3A00 (1).nc
    176.3 MB · Views: 34
  • wrfinput_d02 (1).nc
    140.7 MB · Views: 33
  • met_em.d01.2015-10-15_00%3A00%3A00 (1).nc
    26.8 MB · Views: 31
  • namelist.input
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  • namelist.wps
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Happy to help, though I'm unclear how the error message is a WRF-Chem issue - Can you attach your entire rsl.error? Also, can you ensure that in each of your wrinput files that the value of XLAND is only 1 or 2? This is what is causing the error. My advice would be to add a print statement that writes out the value of xland above the line where it is failing to make sure : call wrf_error_fatal(' xland is not 1. or 2., run stopped'). Note there are multiple places in module_mp_gsfcgce_4ice_nuwrf.F where this error is checked so be sure to add it at the right location -- or all locations (printing line number too).