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error in installing MPAS

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I am trying to install MPAS-Atmosphere in our server which runs REDHAT. All the prerequisite libraries were complied properly but while trying to compile MPAS atmosphere in init_atmosphere I am getting the error as mentioned in the attachment file. If you say why I am getting this error and what I need to do to run it successfully it will be much appreciated.


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Most of the errors seem to concern the use of the C_LOC intrinsic. For example:

      tile_ptr = c_loc(tile)
Error: Argument 'tile' to 'c_loc' at (1) must be an associated scalar POINTER

Which version of the gfortran compiler are you using? You can check with "mpif90 --version" (using mpif90 here rather than gfortran, in case the MPI Fortran wrapper is invoking a different version of gfortran from the one in your PATH).
My gfortran compiler version is GNU Fortran (GCC) 4.8.5 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-36). It will be very much if you please help me in solving this error and the get model installed coz' as it is much very much urgent for some work of mine.
Hi, I somehow cleared the error and complied init_atmosphere. It seems MPAS-7.0 is not compatible with GNU 4.8.5 as it requires the latest version of GCC. So I used MPAS-6.3 and got the init_atmosphere complied. But while trying to install the core atmosphere am getting another error that is similar to the attached file. If you please help me in clearing this error it will be much appreciated. And also when I tried to echo $NETCDF$ I got the correct directory i.e. /data5/KASTURIS/Build_MPAS/LIBRARIES/netcdf$.


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This seems to be the critical error in your new log file:

       use ieee_arithmetic, only : ieee_is_nan
Fatal Error: Can't open module file 'ieee_arithmetic.mod' for reading at (1): No such file or directory

I would suggest updating to newer versions of the GNU compilers at this point. It appears that the GNU Fortran 4.8.5 compiler doesn't support the IEEE_ARITHMETIC module. You may not necessarily need to update to the latest release of the compilers: I'm able to successfully compile with the GNU 8.3.0 compilers, so any version that is at least 8.3.0 should be fine.
Sorry for the late reply. I have updated the GNU compilers and the model has been installed properly. Thanks for the suggestions and the help.
Thanks for following up, and I'm glad to hear that updating to more recent compilers resolved the build issues!