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*** Error in `./wrf.exe': corrupted size vs. prev_size: 0x000000001402c0f0 ***


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Hello everyone.

I used WRF-Chem 4.1.5 to simulate the environmental pollution in East Asia in January 2015.
Started running from 2015-01-02_00:00:00.
Both wps and real.exe are working fine, but when running wrf.exe there is an error that I can't understand.
I ran it with 40 cores and here are the errors reported in rsl.error.0000.

d01 2015-01-02_23:00:00 output_wrf: calling wrf_iosync
d01 2015-01-02_23:00:00 output_wrf: back from wrf_iosync
d01 2015-01-02_23:00:00 output_wrf: end, fid = 1
d01 2015-01-02_23:00:00 med_hist_out: opened /home/sharedata/csr4/lougt3/wrfout/case_india/ex02/wrfout_d01_2015-01-02_23:00:00 as DATASET=HISTORY
mediation_integrate.G 1944 DATASET=HISTORY
mediation_integrate.G 1945 grid%id 1 grid%oid 1
*** Error in `. /wrf.exe': corrupted size vs. prev_size: 0x000000001402c0f0 ***
======= Backtrace: =========
... (omitted here)
======= Memory map: ========
... (omitted here)
forrtl: error (76): Abort trap signal
Image PC Routine Line Source
wrf.exe 0000000004C9C6EE for__signal_handl Unknown Unknown
libpthread-2.17.s 00002ABB4DFFB5D0 Unknown Unknown Unknown
... (omitted here)

How can I solve this problem?
Looking forward to your help!


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Were you able to solve this issue?
I am facing the same issue, but in this case at the beginning of the simulation when it reads the input files. See my namelist.input attached

Here is a snippet of the error I am getting:

ds 1 1 1
de 278 34 5
ps 1 1 1
pe 35 34 5
ms -4 1 1
me 35 35 5
d01 2018-08-07_00:00:00 module_io.F: in wrf_read_field
corrupted size vs. prev_size
forrtl: error (76): Abort trap signal
Image PC Routine Line Source
libpthread-2.31.s 00001521F8B718C0 Unknown Unknown Unknown 00001521F4E39CBB gsignal Unknown Unknown 00001521F4E3B355 abort Unknown Unknown


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