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ERROR: Restart Run

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New member

I had a successful WRF-Chem run before it stopped due to the limitation of wallclock time. Now, I am trying to run a WRF-Chem with a restart file. The last restart files for domain 1 and domain 2 was created at wrfrst_d01_2017-06-29_15:00:00 and wrfrst_d02_2017-06-29_15:00:00. I changed the start_* to match with the timing of the restart file.

run_days = 5,
run_hours = 0,
run_minutes = 0,
run_seconds = 0,
start_year = 2017, 2017,
start_month = 06, 06,
start_day = 29, 29,
start_hour = 15, 15,
start_minute = 00, 00,
start_second = 00, 00,

restart = .true.,
io_form_restart = 2,

io_style_emissions = 1,
chem_in_opt = 0, 0,
have_bcs_chem = .true., .true.,

But, I got the following error.
ERROR: Could not find matching time in the input file.

Do I need to make any changes to emission file names or variable "Times" in the emission files? Or am I missing any other settings in namelist.input?

The "Times" in emission files are :

wrfbiochemi_d01 and wrfbiochemi_d02 :
Times =

wrffirechemi_d01 adn wrffirechemi_d02:
Times =
"2017-07-02_00:00:00" ;

wrfchemi_00z_d01 and wrfchemi_00z_d02
Times =
"2017-06-28_11:00:00" ;

wrfchemi_12z_d01 and wrfchemi_12z_d02
Times =
"2017-06-28_23:00:00" ;

Thank you so much in advance.
Hi Pramod,

Have you tried to rename the emission files such that the restart time is in the title?
For example copy wrfchemi_d01_2017-06-29_00:00:00 to wrfchemi_d01_2017-06-29_15:00:00.
And do you have daily emission data or hourly?

I think WRF is trying to look for a file with the start_time in its name, and then tries to look for that timestep in the file.
I am not 100% sure, though...
Hi Pramod,

Can you provide your full rsl.out/error.0000? And if possible increase your debug level to 300+. You can also successively just turn off emissions of biogenics, anthro, and fires to pinpoint which file is causing the issue (wrfinput if none of those).

Hi all,

@Pramod- Could you tell me how did you solve the error?

@Jordan- I am running into same issue.
I am trying to generate restart files after every 10 days with wrf-chem and 12h diurnal wrfchemi_ emissions.
after generating the wrfrst files I try to run wrf again for next 10 days and I get the error that the matching time in wrfinput is not found. Do I need to run real.exe and then mozbc starting from the resart time to use the restart file??

Please help.