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error: This option is not recognized: _real

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I'm still getting the error
This option is not recognized: _real
even after using the file at It happens for either KPP0 (single line output error) or Kpp1. The system is running CentOS 8.3 with GNU 11.1.0. Thanks.

Typically wrf.exe is compiled with: ./compile em_real

If you want to compile the convert emiss program, you need to specify that. I.e., given the compile program downloaded from the link, you would specify:

./compile emi_conv

Hi Jordan,
Sorry, I'm finally in front of the computer. You are completely right and was invoking the compilation with "./compile em_real >& ..." Said that , I am following the instructions at ( that are also linked from the UCAR website; they specify to compile wrf with the appropriate flags (steps 2-5) before compiling the external emissions conversion code (step 7). However, the issue is the the wrf compilation fails with the above message. Is there anything that I should do differently?
[Note: I forgot to mention that I'm trying to compile version 4.3].
Hi Jordan,
I restarted the whole thing from scratch earlier and the compilations (for both KPP0 & KPP1) went through. Obviously I was doing something wrong on Wednesday, it's the problem with multitasking too many things. Thanks for the help.